Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Today!

Hello, Are you a buyer that has gone to the sideline to wait to purchase a new home or has been delayed from entering the real estate market? If so, I'm sure your reasons could be valid, but I wanted to ensure you have all the information on whether this is a wise choice. The main issue, I assume, would be " affordability " from the significant rise in rates that has lowered your buying power or knocked you out of qualification. You might think this is a negative, but I wanted to highlight this exact issue and show you that it is an excellent thing for you as a potential home buyer. In the video above, I've laid out the domino effect of the increase in the rates market, which allows you opportunities that have not been present in the last few years for home buyers. The lack of affordability and inventory is an exciting and challenging dynamic in this market, making it completely different. What I mean by that is that usually, these two forces don't line out together in this magnitude. For example, when affordability issues last crept into the market, the housing supply spikes with the pullback of buyers, which we experienced recently in 2018/19. The main issue that has caused a much-needed pause in our housing market has been the spike in rates, which caused our affordability issues. So we should focus on the opportunities that present you as a home buyer now vs. just six months. ........................................... Six Months Ago vs. Today Six Months Ago: Buyers competed against 10+ offers per property. Buyers had to release all loan, inspection, and appraisal contingencies. Buyers had to convert their loans into " cash offers " to compete. Buyers had to overbid on their offers to compete. Buyers had to settle on whatever home came on the market. Buyers are being delayed in converting their " cash overs " into loans in this high-rate environment. Today: Few Buyers, which means less competition. Buyers can write offers with and maintain their contingencies. Buyers with minimum down payments can purchase again. Buyers can get fair value or even undervalued properties with their offers. Buyers have more choices of homes than buying whatever comes to market. With help from lenders like myself, we can structure much better terms, like buying down the rate.


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